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Female 6.7 years Level 2.0

Ready for Adoption Added April 20, 2020

Reya as a lovable & affectionate 6 year female who was living as city street dog with her homeless owner.  Her owner knew he could not longer care for her properly, so he turned her over to the shelter.  Reya is currenly in foster and loving being in a home, playing with toys, puzzles and a good game of tug.  She did well meeting the test human and test dogs (both large and small) and shows herself to be very playful.  For 6 years, she has a lot of energy and her foster says she loves her afternoon walks after the work day is done!  She said she loves just hanging out in the yard and let's her know when it's time to go out.  

She bonds very quickly in true GSD fashion, as well has a prey drive, so NO cats for this lady.  Reya's ideal home would be one with GSD experience (to help train her excitability, and to give her some structure and boundaries).  Also, since she her human was a constant, we do think that a home where someone is home alot of the time will help her settle and not fear being alone, and she would be good as a second dog as she seemed to really want to play with the test dogs.  

Reya is being fostered in San Francisco and is available now!  

Notes from her foster:

Her previous owner lived on the street so she is extremely affectionate and she cuddles a lot. Sometimes she thinks she’s a lap dog and sits on my legs, or comes cuddles next to me in the couch. She’s also very high energy, she likes to go on long walks, and will get restless if she doesn’t get at least an hour of walking per day. 
She’s very well socialized, and does well with dogs any size, humans, and kids from what I’ve seen on our walk (though I never had her interact with a kid). I’ve introduced her to a few friends and she’s friendly and excited, she can get a little jumpy if the person is really exciting and may try to lick people’s face if in thee couch but she’s very good. 
She has a strong prey drive so she does not do well with cats or birds, and her favorite thing is to try and chase them. 
She’s really well behaved, she knows sit, paw, and she is very polite with food, waiting for me to give her permission to eat. She’s perfectly potty trained and knows to ask if she needs out. She’s super smart, I’ve been teaching her lay down and she got it in just a few days. I work from home and she’s pretty quiet, but towards the end of the day if she hasn’t had a good walk she can start trying to get attention by sitting on my feet, licking my hands and crying to get out. But she’s never interrupted a meeting and she knows to leave me alone when I’m working. 
In terms of activities she loves long walks, she’s good on the leash even though she likes to be in front, she doesn’t pull much unless when she’s very excited by a bird or a cat. She is obsessed with playing tug of war (I taught her drop it and she’s really good with it now), and she is learning to fetch but after a few runs she prefers to play with the toy by herself rather than bringing the toy back. She’s not a barker (at least I have never seen her bark unless she’s trying to talk to me), and she didn’t dig any holes in my garden. She’ll sometimes bark at me when she’s excited about playing and wants to share her enthusiasm. 
In terms of our typical day, I usually take her to the yard in the morning for a quick pee and a few games of fetch. Then we stay inside until lunch. I’ll try and give her a quick walk or backyard run at lunch again. At 6 pm we go for a longer walk, either to the top of Bernal Heights or to ocean beach. She loves the beach and always sits in front of the car to make us go to the beach whenever we get out.
Her favorite thing is to be on the long leash and run after a ball. I always keep her on a leash otherwise she would chase all the birds. Outside of the birds though she’s really good, she stays near me and always check on me, you can tell she’s used to being off leash. 
She’s 6 years old but she is very high energy and very playful. She always makes faces, and she is good at getting what she wants, like how she convinced me to let her be in the couch by twisting her head to the side and getting up on me one paw at a time. She’s a lot of fun. 
She’s definitely a sweet heart and would do great in a high energy household with a lot of attention. 

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